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Duffield: Alnwick

Duffield: AlnwickDuffield: Alnwick

James Duffield Harding.
The East View of Alnwick. [&] Alnwick Castle from the North West.
Drawn on Stone by J. D. Harding. Printed by C. Hullmandel. [n.d., 1823.
Lithograph Pair of lithographs on india paper.  Images 155 x 200mm. 
A pair of attractive early lithographs by Harding from sketches by Charlotte-Florentia, Duchess of Northumberland. For a short time the duchess was governess to Queen Victoria but was dismissed by Victoria's mother for attempting to become too influential in the girl's education. They were published in Castles of Alnwick and Warkworth etc. from sketches by C. F. Duchess of Northumberland. 1823 .
Ruskin expressed his opinion of Harding in a letter to Prout: 'If that man had but a soul he would make a great painter'.
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