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John Senex: Netherlands

John Senex: Netherlands
John Senex.
The VII United Provinces Corrected from the Observations communicated to the Royal Society at London, & ye Royal Academy at Paris. Humbly Dedicated to Elihu Yale Esq., of Place Grove in Denbighshire. by his Obliged Humble Servant Ion Senex F.R.S. 1709.
I. Senex Sculp.
Engraving with original wash colour.  Two sheets conjoined, total 650 x 945mm. Three vertical folds, the left hand fold has been repaired and strengthened and has some staining. The centre fold has a small area of paper loss at the bottom, now repaired. In good overall condition considering its size.
Map of the Dutch Republic, founded in 1581, as the Low Countries strove for independence from Spain. While the southern states (basically modern Belgium and Luxembourg) reverted to Spanish control, the seven northern provinces (the modern Netherlands) became the state shown here. In the next century the Republic ascended into a 'Golden Age' and developed a world colonial empire far outweighing its resources. By the 18th century it experienced a decline, exhausted by its long wars and its colonial empire was eclipsed by that of Britain. In 1795 the republic collapsed under the impact of the Dutch democratic revolution and invading French armies.
The title includes a dedication to Elihu Yale Esq. (1649-1721), an English merchant and philanthropist. Although Yale was born in Boston, he spent his career in the service of the East India Company, where he made a fortune in India. He made many financial donations to Yale University, which was renamed in his honour in 1718. Yale retired to England during his later years, where he remained until his death in 1721. The map was engraved by Senex, one of the foremost English cartographic publishers of the early 18th century.

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