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This is a comprehensive collection, including prints of all sorts of shapes, sizes, rarity and prices. Acquiring a collection like this is completely out of our control, and in the space of a couple of months, these have come from several different sources, all by chance.
The prints are listed by artist, engraver or publisher. Sizes are in centimetres, height first, either the plate size or the image size. They are black & white unless stated otherwise. Any faults are described. Many of them are in frames, probably not to your taste, so the prints are priced ignoring any values of the frames so if you buy a print you can have the frame if you want it. Any print can be sent on approval without the frame, subject to remaining unsold.

The Lake, Kew GardensAnonymous.
[Kew Gardens] A View of the Lake & Island, with the Orangerie, the Temples of Eolus, and Bellona, & House of Confucius, in the Royal Gardens at Kew.
[Published for Sir William Chambers' series of prints of Kew Gardens. 1763.]
Engraving  with later colour.  The print is trimmed to the platemark on all sides.

315 x 465mm.
Edward W.A. Brayley
A Topographical History of Surrey. 1848.
Early issues have the imprint of R.B. Ede, of Dorking. There are later issues by Virtue of 1878, but, being steel plate engravings, the plates show little sign of use.
Image sizes vary, about 12 x 18cm.
Richmond Hill. As seen from a short distance above the bridge.Allom: Richmond Hill
From the Twickenham Bank. Engraved by E. Radclyffe after T. Allom.
Allom: Richmond HillThe Duke of Buccleuch's Villa, Richmond. As seen from the river on occasion of the Fete given by His Grave to Her Majesty The Queen.
Engraved by T.A. Prior after T. Allom. Later hand colouring.
Allom: Castle HotelThe Castle Hotel Richmond, as seen from the River on the occasion of the Fete given by his Highness Prince Schwarzenberg, 23 July 1838.
Engraved by H. Adlard after T. Allom. Later hand colouring.
£ 30
Allom: Wesleyan InstituteWesleyan Institute, Richmond.
Engraved by Adlard after T. Allom. Late edition, published by Virtue, with the title changed from 'Institution.'
£ 20
Tombleson: Richmond BridgeWilliam Tombleson.
Richmond Bridge.
Tombleson del. Winkles sc. [c.1833.]
Engraving  on steel, later hand colour.  Framed.
A busy boating scene includes a passenger paddle steamer, engraved by Henry Winkles for Tombleson's Views of the Thames and Medway.
175 x 230mm.
Fairburn: Lass of Richmond HillJohn Fairburn.
Lass of Richmond Hill.
[London: John Fairburn, 1794.]
Mixed-method engraving  with original guache colour.  Staining in bottom margin.
A scene of a young girl and her suitor, with verse underneath.

'The Lass of Richmond Hill" was a song first performed in 1789, beginning:
On Richmond Hill there lives a lass,
More bright than May-day morn,
Whose charms all other maids' surpass,
A rose without a thorn.

It gives its name to the gastropub in Queen's Road, Richmond.
290 x 245mm.
Hollar: Richmond PalaceWenceslas Hollar.
[after Wenceslas Hollar.]
Etching    Trimmed to image on all sides, otherwise good.
Richmond Palace, with a group of people in the foreground who, one assumes, have just disembarked from a covered rowing boat. The man at the centre is remarkably like James I.
The original etching by Hollar is a great rarity: we have only had two of them since 1946. This is a very clever early copy, or, as Bamber Gascoigne says in Images of Richmond, a forgery, on the basis that it is such a close copy that it must be intended to deceive. There are some minor differences between the Hollar and the copy. Hollar has a full stop after Richmond. in the title in the sky at the centre. At the bottom edge is W. Hollar, fecit 1638. In the copy there is not a comma.
110 x 335mm.
Jukes: RichmondFrancis Jukes.
[A View looking up the River to Richmond Bridge.]
F. Jukes Aquat. [Published June 4th 1795 by F. Jukes, No. 10 Howland St.]
Aquatint  with hand colour.  Trimmed, losing the title and the imprint, a less than perfect example of a fine scene.
A view of Richmond from the riverside near the later railway bridge, with Asgill House on the left side and Richmond Hill in the background.
415 x 565mm.
London Magazine: Richmond Bridge.Anonymous.
View of the New-Bridge, at Richmond in Surry.
Lond. Mag. Sep.r 1779.
Engraving  with later colour.  Two vertical folds, as usual.
View of Richmond Bridge, looking upstream, with Richmond Hill in the background.
160 x 260mm.
Modern Universal British Traveller: RichmondView of Richmond from the River.
Shows Asgill House on the left, the bridge and the hill in the background. From the Modern Universal British Traveller, c.1780. Later colour.
Image: 16 x 27cm.

Neale: Temple GroveJ.P. Neale.
Temple Grove, East Sheen, Surrey. The Seminary of the Revd Wm. Pearson.
Engraved by Shury, from an Drawing by J.P. Neale, for the Beauties of England and Wales. Published by John Harris, St Pauls Church Yard 1812.
Etching. A good clean impression, the outer margins are a little dust soiled. Trimmed inside platemark on right side.
Image: 10.5 x 15cm.
£ 15
Ralph: Richmond PalaceB. Ralph.
Henry the VII Palace on Richmond Green.
Copper engraving by James Ryland, published for England Illustrated, 1764.
Circular image 11.2cm.
£ 25
Robertson: Kew BridgeArchibald Robertson.
Kew Bridge, from the Ferry at Brentford.
Published by A. Robertson & W. Faden, 1791.
Delicate aquatint with etching, produced for The Great Road from London to Bath and Bristol. Apart from the publishers, there are no credits on the print. Robertson was a landscape painter and aquatint engraver and he did the 65 prints in the series himself.
Trimmed inside platemark on all sides.
Image: 11 x 19cm.
£ 40
Rowlandson: RichmondThomas Rowlandson.
[View near Richmond Gardens.]
[Drawn & etched by Rowlandson. Stadler Aquatinta. Published in 1822.]
Aquatint  with slight original colour.  Trimmed to image on all sides.
A charming river scene, typical of Rowlandson, published as one of 18 views in his Sketches from Nature. In the foreground is a large loaded barge with the name and number Jno Davis No. 37 on the stern. A man with three horses, possibly for towing barges, watches with interest. There is a group of three people taking the air, and several other boats on the river: an active scene.
140 x 200mm.
Whittock: Ham HouseN. Whittock.
Ham House.
Drawn by N. Whittock Engraved and Printed by Fenner. Published by I.T. Hinton 1830.
Etching. Clearly shows the front of the house, with the sculptures.
Image size: 9.5 x 16cm.

Woodburn: KewS. Woodburn. Publisher.
Kew, Surrey. A view of the church.
C de Waly [?] f 1807. (This is scratch letters, very indistinct. 'f' is short for 'fecit'; he made it.) Published by S. Woodburn, 1807.
Copper engraving. Modern colouring.
Shows the church from the south-east, with some of the building to the north side of the green.
Plate size: 16 x 20cm.
£ 40.
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