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Twickenham & Environs
This is a comprehensive collection, including prints of all sorts of shapes, sizes, rarity and prices. Acquiring a collection like this is completely out of our control, and in the space of a couple of months, these have come from several different sources, all by chance.
The prints are listed by artist, engraver or publisher. Sizes are in centimetres, height first, either the plate size or the image size. They are black & white unless stated otherwise. Any faults are described. Many of them are in frames, probably not to your taste, so the prints are priced ignoring any values of the frames so if you buy a print you can have the frame if you want it. Any print can be sent on approval without the frame, subject to remaining unsold.

Westall: TwickenhamWilliam Westall.
W. Westall, A.R.A. del.t. R.G. Reeve sculp. Published in 1828 by R. Ackermann.
Aquatint  printed in colours and hand finished.  Framed.
Viewed from the Surrey bank, showing the church and some of the buildings downstream.
180 x 260mm.
Westall: TwickenhamWilliam Westall.
Drawn by W. Westall, A.R.A. Printed by C, Hullmandel. London, Published by Rodwell and Martin, 40 Argyll St. & 46 New Bond St. 1824.
Lithograph  with early hand colour  Trimmed, losing the publisher's imprint, slight surface rubbing in places.
Viewed from the Surrey bank, showing the church and some of the buildings downstream.
180 x 225mm.
Pickett: TwickenhamW. Pickett.
Drawn & Engraved by W. Pickett. Pub. Decr. 1 by Dunfold, Gt Newport Street.
Aquatint  printed in colours and hand finished.  Fine, in frame.
A view of the Twicken riverside from Twickenham Eyot [Eel Pie Island], showing St Mary's Parish Church prominently, the buildings on the river frontage and the tops of the houses in Church Road.
320 x 450mm.
Boydell: Pope's HouseJohn & Josiah Boydell
Pope's House.
J. Farington R.A. J.C. Stadler sculp.t. [Published by John & Josiah Boydell, 1793-6.]
Aquatint  in original colour.  Framed.
Alexander Pope's villa, apparently designed by himself, famed for the grotto he made into a museum of geology.
300 x 405mm.
Boydell: Strawberry HillJohn & Josiah Boydell
Strawberry Hill.
J. Farington R.A. J.C. Stadler sculp.t. [Published by John & Josiah Boydell, 1793-6.]
Aquatint  in original colour.  Framed.
Horace Walpole's Gothic Revival villa built in 1749, painted by Joseph Farington for the 'History of the River Thames.
300 x 405mm.
Boydell: Twickenham CommonJohn Boydell.
A View taken on Twickenham Common.
Boydell delin & sculp. Publish'd according to Act of Parliament & sold by J. Boydell Engraver, at the Unicorn the corner of Queen Street, Cheapside, London 1753.
Engraving  with original hand colour.  Framed.
The view is Twickenham Green, with horses, sheep and cows grazing. The two prominent houses have the names of the owners in the bottom margin, Lord Kingston and Green Esq.
245 x 415mm.
Mason: Marble HillJames Mason.
[Marble Hill]. A View of the Countess of Suffolk's House on the River Thames near Twickenham.
Mason sculp.
Engraving  proof before title.  Title added in ink mss., now faded. Framed, mounted close to image.
The view is taken from across the river in Ham, showing river craft and a group of horses being watered.
220 x 400mm.
Angus: Twickenham Park HouseAngus, W.
Twickenham Park House in Middlesex, the Seat of Lord Frederick Cavendish.
W. Angus del et sculp. Published as the Act directs Jany. 1st 1795 by W. Angus.
Plate: 16.5 x 20.5cm.
£ 25

Barnard, G.
Marble Hill Cottage in Twickenham Meadows. The Property of T. Brent Esqr.

Drawn by G. Barnard. Engraved by W.B. Cooke. Published by W.B. Cooke in 1831. Etching.
High up in the trees is a notice that reads: Steel traps are set in these grounds. The cottage is, of course, on the riverside. If anyone tried to protect their property in that manner today, I wonder what the reaction would be.
Image: 10 x 16cm.
£ 30
Boot, W. H.
The Diana Fountain Bushey Park.

Cassell's Greater London. No date, c.1850.
Etching, with late colouring.
Looking across the pond, with the gates of Hampton Court in the background.
Image: 13 x 20cm.
£ 20
Barnard: Pope's HouseCooke, William Barnard.
Pope's House, Twickenham, Middlesex.
Drawn and Engraved by W. Cooke for the Beauties of England and Wales.
Published by Vernor Hood & Sharpe, 1807.
Etching. Shows the house from across the river.
Image: 9.5 x 14.5cm.
£ 25
Harrison: WhittonHarrison & Co. Publisher
Whitton Place, in Middlesex, the Seat of Sir William Chambers.
Corbould del. Ellis sculp. Published by Harrison & Co., 1786.
The print was published for the series Picturesque Seats of the Nobility and Gentry in England and Wales, one of a number of publications of small engravings that were popular at this time.
Sir William Chambers was the architect of Kew Gardens, not far from Whitton. He bought the property from the Duke of Argyle, who was a keen horticulturist, and grew cedar trees at Whitton Place that were transplanted at Kew Gardens.
Good impression, slightly soiled in the margins and creased across the lower right corner.
Plate: 14 x 19cm
£ 15.
Hassell, J.
Marble-Hill, Twickenham, Middx. The Villa of J. Lubbock Esqr.
(The house is Marble Hill Cottage.)
Drawn & Engraved by J. Hassell. Published by J. Hassell, 1804.
Aquatint in original colouring, published for a series titled: Seats near London.
Image: 12 x 19cm.
£ 30
Hogg: TwickenhamHogg, Alexander, publisher.
View of Twickenham, in Middlesex.
View of Isleworth, in Middlesex, from the opposite Shore in Richmond Gardens.
Engd by Mr Peltro. Published by Alex Hogg. [1782.]
Copper engraving by John Peltro, for The New British Traveller, 1782.
This has been cut in half but put back together again. A good example.
Size to outer border of the decorative surround: 33 x 22cm
Ireland, Samuel.
Strawberry Hill, Middlesex.
Ireland del. Eastgate sc.
Though the title is engraved the credits are scratch letters. There is not a publisher's imprint.
Copper engraving.
Image: 9.5 x 16cm.
£ 20
Prints of RichmondView of Twickenham from the River.
Seen from the Surrey bank, shows the church to the right of centre and the buildings upstream. From The Modern Universal British Traveller.
Margin tears at each side, just extending into the image.
Image: 15 x 27cm.
Marble Hall. [sic] The Seat of Charles Augustus Tulk Esqr. Middlesex.
Engraved by Matthews from a Drawing by J.P. Neale for Beauties of England & Wales. Published by John Harrison, St Pauls Church Yard, 1815.
Etching. Trimmed inside platemark at top and bottom.
Plate: 10.5 x 15cm.
£ 15

Powell: Sion HousePowell, I.
Sion House, Middlesex.
Engraved by J. Grieg from a Drawing by I. Powell. Published in 1805 by Vernor & Hood, Poultry, J. Storer and J. Grieg, Chapel Street, Pentonville.
Copper engraving with later hand colouring. Viewed from across the river.
Image: 13 x 18cm.
£ 20
Tombleson, W.
Series of steel plate engravings of the River Thames, 1834. All are after Tombleson by various engravers. Each has a wide decorative engraved border. These are all uncoloured and unframed unless noted otherwise. The image sizes are 10.5 x 15. The plate size is 17.5 x 23cm.
Strawberry Hill, Ld Waldegrave's, Twickenham.
T. Jeavons sc.
£ 25

Pope's Temple.
H. Sands sculp.
£ 25

Watts, William.
Twickenham Meadows, Middlesex.

Engraved bt Middiman from an Original Drawing by W. Watts. Published Febry 1st 1794 by Harrison.
Plate: 14 x 19cm.
Webber, J., R.A.
Twickenham Meadows.

Drawn by J. Landseer, from a drawing by J. Webber, R.A. Published by Messrs Cadell & Davies, June 4 1803.
Copper engraving. Shows the house in a commanding position overlooking the river, with Richmond Bridge in the background. Attractively coloured at a later date.
Image size: 15.5 x 30.5cm
£ 40
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