The Image Boy.
Le Blond.
About 1860.
13 x 17cm.
Brothers Abraham and Robert Le Blond, published prints using George Baxter's method, under licence.
Fourteen wood blocks each printed a separate colour which made up the print.  There would have been a metal plate which printed the fine detail.  Each wood block is marked with the colour that it printed, and a number which shows the order of progression.  As an example, the dark crimson block printed the dark parts of the girl's dress, the hat band of the older woman and the bowl by the chicken coup.  It was not possible to tone a colour, so a "dark" crimson was used to print the light parts of the girl's dress, the brick work in the chimney, the flower pot on the window sill, the water bowl by the cage and a minor amount of shading in the tree and the shrubs beneath. (see below right)
The oval border and the title (not illustrated here)  is embossed, known as 'blindstamp.'